Movie Review: Independence Day – Resurgence

– Spoiler Alert! –


I saw Independence Day – Resurgence yesterday. We had the choice of The Live of Pets, Central Intelligence and this one. I pushed for this one as I had such high hopes for it. The first movie had it all; great cg, excellent story line and plot, good cast, humour, romance, action, drama. A movie to my heart. It was a 10/10 movie for me. Not this one…

The whole movie was such a disappointment. For the money they spent on it you would have thought they could have gotten better script writers. I have only just started writing scripts and I thought I could have done a better job. Seriously. The lines were tacky, not funny, and extremely predictable.

The cast was okay, not great, but okay. Jeff Goldblum and his ‘dad,’ Judd Hirsch didn’t really look like they were twenty years older, the time that had supposed to have passed since the first movie. Liam Hemsworth was too much of a goodie-two-shoes and Jessie T. Usher was okay as the son of Will Smith. I was a bit disappointed that Will Smith was not in the movie, only a photo on a wall. They could have at least showed us a shot of him on how he died. The only one that impressed me with their acting talent was Joey King, and only because of her age (16).

The story line (and plot) was so predictable and plain stupid, it wasn’t funny anymore. My DH sat wincing beside me the whole movie. Every time a ‘funny’ remark was made or a character showed his/her good side I heard a long sigh beside me. What irritated me most (beside the predictability) was the unrealistic time line. People travelled from the moon and back in no time, but a giant six-legged monster couldn’t outrun a school bus. Or ‘dad’ washed up on the east coast of the US, but somehow shows up (again, in no time) on a salt plain on the west coast where his son accidentally happens to be fighting the giant monster at exactly that precise time. Not to mention the guy who has a job on the moon, but also happens to have a locker on earth near his ex-friend’s locker.

The music, not sure by whom, was even annoying. Yes, it tuned in fine with the drama on the screen, but the trumpets got really up your nose when they showed up every time a patriotic speech was made.

The only positive I have for this movie was the cg. I loved all the effort they put in the graphics. Even though there was no new stuff. The queen alien detaching herself from her ship and later from her harness/suit reminded me of the Alien movie; not an original thought.

The whole movie felt like it was hastened. The scenes were cut short and dramatic moments not expanded enough to give it the weight they deserved. It was too predictable, too unbelievable. I agree with Rotten Tomatoes and give it a 3/10.

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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