Movie Review: Central Intelligence

A funny movie!

Score: 8/10

– Spoiler Alert! –

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Last Friday we saw Central Intelligence, with Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. I didn’t really want to see it, but my son begged me to go see it. He likes what we call in Dutch ‘underpants fun.’ You know, jokes about poop and pee and farts. Not my style. But we went to see it anyway.

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. Of course I knew I would be, because The Rock is in it and he takes his shirt off (I know, but I’m only human 🙂 ). And Dwayne’s acting was so funny, so out of character!

Let me give you a very short version of the run down of the story. Robbie (The Rock) is a fat boy and thrown butt naked into the hall during prom night. Calvin (Hart), the prom king, is the only one who is nice to him. Twenty years later Bob (aka Robbie, but he changed his name and his physique) contacts Calvin, who is now an accountant, and together they do the ‘save the world’ kind of thing.

When Bob first meets Calvin after twenty years he still acts like an overexcited teenager. And it’s so funny! I didn’t like Hart’s role that much as he played the ‘underpants fun’ part of the movie (see, I knew it!). Lots of jokes about farts and shit. But he played it well. The funniest part was the reference to other movies. It made the audience relate as we all do this in real life (well, we all do in my household. I even do it in my books!).

The whole story is a continuation of action, humour and suspense. There was not one moment that I was lost or bored. I even laughed out loud several times during the movie, and I wasn’t the only one in the theatre to do so. I was only slightly annoyed by the fart jokes. But most of the jokes were ‘fresh’, as in ‘I’m so scared shitless, even my farts are just air.’ Only after you walk away you start thinking about the exceptionally fast wardrobe changes that The Rock pulled off, that you think the flow of the whole movie could have been slightly better.

The suspense is built up gradually, which left you guessing of who ‘the mole’ was to the very end. There is one torture scene in the movie, but it is not shown in the shot, only suggested. A little later the effect is shown, which is a bit of a shock, but it is only in view for one second and it is laughed off whilst corrected. There is no blood.

Make-up could have been a bit better for Danielle Nicolette (the prom queen who is Calvin’s high school sweetheart and later becomes his wife), as she didn’t seem a day older after twenty years.

Music was good, can’t remember a particular tune, but it flowed with the scenes.

Of course there was a moral to the story; to accept everybody for who they are and to accept yourself who you are. It was so sweet that The Rock kissed his high school love in the end (not giving that surprise away, you’ve got to go see it 🙂 ). And there is a little gag reel at the end, so don’t walk away immediately!

Because this movie made me laugh out loud and kept me entertained for the full 1h47m I give it an 8/10.

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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