Movie Review: Alien Covenant

– Score: 5/10 –


My initial thought for the title of this article was ‘Not again!’ but that wouldn’t make sense SEO wise. The words were very much in my mind when I was watching the movie though. There was hardly anything new that hadn’t been done in all the other Alien installments.

As I said earlier, I watched ‘Prometheus’ on Thursday to be prepared for Covenant. We could have spared us the trouble and possibly would have enjoyed this movie more if we hadn’t. I like to stay positive, but there were so many WTF-moments in this movie, it wasn’t funny anymore. My apologies to the persons around us who had to put up with our exclamations of ‘Why?!’ all the time. Surely, with a budget that comes with this film, they could have been able to write a better story line? One that was believable and not so predictable?

I actually checked my watch during the movie too. It took a whole hour (that’s half of the movie) before there was any action to speak of. You’d expect to have developed some empathy for the main characters by then, but I’m sorry to say it still didn’t happen for me. Not then, not later.

The only thing I’m positive about is the CG. We get so see several alien forms and they’re all very well animated. My favorite one, even though not consistent with earlier movies, is the one that resembles baby Groot (sorry, couldn’t help making the comparison). This would be the only reason for me to want to see the movie again.

All in all a movie that is a waste of money, time, and effort. If this is the path they’re staying on with this franchise, it will die a horrible death.

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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