Monday Planning

It’s Monday morning and I am on a high. You don’t know this, but it’s a quarter to eight and I’m sitting in the dining room. I just finished breakfast and am sipping a cup of (unsweetened 🤢) coffee.


This is highly unusual for me. Normally, I stay in bed to nine, sometimes ten o’clock :).  But I had a Eureka moment yesterday evening, so here I am!

What was that moment? I hear you thinking. Well, I haven’t been promoting my book at all as I wasn’t happy with the cover. I tried to contact my cover artist, to no avail. I had wanted to make use of a deal Ingram Spark had until the end of April, so I contacted the designer early March. Plenty of time, I thought. Unfortunately, he has disappeared from the surface of the planet (he lives in America, so I can’t go knocking on his door). No matter how many texts or emails I sent, I didn’t get a single reply. He had mentioned earlier that he had health problems, so I’m very worried about him. I hope it all gets sorted out. In the mean time, I missed the deadline for the Ingram Spark deal.

I had no option but to figure out how to do the cover revamp myself. So I began fiddling in Photoshop. Suddenly, I figured out how to get what I wanted. I found out where the ‘warp’ button was hiding and I could shape forms the way I wanted them to.


No, that wasn’t the Eureka moment yet. I was very excited though and saw the light at the end of the tunnel. The Eureka moment came shortly after when I realized how much time I was wasting by staying in bed every morning. My DH and I want a greenhouse in the garden. We looked around all weekend, only to find out that what we want, we can’t afford. We decided we needed to build it ourselves to cut the cost. As we already have our hands full with the renovation of the house and we don’t want it all to become a decade-long project, we decided we had to use our time more efficiently. That ‘we’ included me.

In the evenings we normally watch tv and I don’t get anything done (writing or renovating). If I want to be more productive, I need to use as much daylight as possible. The time when there’s nobody else in the house. I need to get up early, just like everyone else. This will mean not going to bed at midnight anymore as I do need my sleep. That was the Eureka moment. That’s why I am up so early and happy that  I will be able to live in a normal house soon and have a book that I am happy to advertise 😊



Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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