Meeting Nancy Jardine, Author of Celtic Historical Novels

Meeting Nancy Jardine, Author of Celtic Historical Novels, Romantic Mystery Novels, and a Young Adult novel.

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My family and I were in town for a cup of coffee when we saw a pamphlet informing us of a craft fair in the town hall of Inverurie. Of course, we had to visit, and who did I immediately see when I walked in? Nancy Jardine!

Nancy and Me.jpg

Nancy had a big table at the fair, full of all her books; her romantic mysteries Topaz Eyes (a mystery in a mystery), Take Me Now, Monogamy Twist, her Young Adult novel The Taexali Game; an anthology Crooked Cat Tales; and of course her Celtic novels The Beltane Choice, After Whorl-Bran Reborn, and After Whorl-Donning Double Cloaks.

We chatted about all things writer-related, from how long it takes to write a novel, to being on fairs and selling books. I learned something new from Nancy too, to about making files especially for Amazon. It was great to talk to another author about the trials and tribulations we have to go through from putting pen to paper all the way to get people to read our books.

I bought the Taexali Game for my daughter and you can expect a review of it soon (but she has to finish reading the Harry Potter books first)!

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  1. It was brilliant seeing you today, Jacky and having a great chat about authorly things! Excellent write up above! It’ll be lovely to see you again soon -as well as in online places. (ps Too late but I should have taken a photo of us for my own blog).

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