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Meet Gordon Bickerstaff, Scottish author of five crime thrillers

Meet the author

This week’s author being featured is Gordon Bickerstaff. We met on Twitter. He tweets about me, and I retweet his tweets. It’s an uncomplicated relationship. We haven’t actually met although he also lives in Scotland (on the wet ‘n windy Westside, I rest my case). I’m sure we will one day, though, somewhere 🙂 .

Unfortunately, I’m still working like mad to finish the last installment of my trilogy, so I didn’t have the time to contact Gordon for a personal interview. I did find, however, a great interview with Gordon by Nonnie Jules from Rave Reviews Book Club (see link below) from two years ago. Gorden is currently the author of not three but five crime thrillers. The following text, written by Gordon on Gordon, can be found on Amazon.

Meet Gordon Bickerstaff

Gordon Bickerstaff

I was born and raised in Glasgow but spent my student years in Edinburgh. On summer vacations, I learned plumbing, garden maintenance, and I cut the grass in the Meadows. I learned some biochemistry and taught it for a while before I retired to write fiction. I do some aspects of DIY moderately well and other aspects not so well. I live with my wife in Scotland where corrupt academics, mystery, murder, and intrigue exists mostly in my mind. I have written the Gavin Shawlens series of thrillers: Deadly Secrets, Everything To Lose, The Black Fox, Toxic Minds and Tabula Rasa. More will come in due course. I enjoy walking in the hills, 60s & 70s music, reading and travel.

That’s Gordon in a nutshell. For those of you who’d like to know more about Mr. Bickerstaff, you can read all about him in the interview by Nonnie Jules from Rave Reviews Book Club.

Gordon Bickerstaff Books

Gordon’s books are all available on Amazon.

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