Made it to the top!

We went up Bennachie for filming with AFP one more time.

On Sunday, 12th of March 2017, I was filming with the Aberdeenshire Film Productions crew again, going up Bennachie. Never will I write a story about going up a mountain again. I thought I’d die this time! It’s like every time we go up it gets harder and harder 🙂 .

But the weather conditions were, as usual, good. Too good actually, as we were supposed to film a lightning strike. We had planned to go up on the Saturday, which had perfect cloudy weather conditions, but the actor ‘forgot’ to show up (strange creatures, these actors!). Bad management on my behalf as producer, you could say. I should have sent a reminder. Fortunately Mother Nature didn’t leave us completely stranded and produced some grey-ish looking clouds at about 2pm, so our editor will have to use those to add in the lighting strike.

We got some funny faces from other climbers when we put out the ashes that our actor is supposed to turn into. We had to mention very loudly that we were very happy that our friend was willing to supply the content of his wood fire to us for this purpose 🙂 . And of course the moment you start rolling the camera, the wind dies down. We had to wait several minutes for a slight gust of wind to give us some ‘action.’

All the climbing footage has been shot now. We only have the first scene to do, which will happen next weekend. It will be filmed in my home, so no climbing involved!


Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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