Long live the internet!

What would we do without it…


I can’t deny it; we are an internet-dependent family. The only one not so tech-savvie is my DH. Even though he is the IT-person of the family and keeps us all going, he is the one that does not use the computer at home unless he really has to. And then he uses mine as he doesn’t have one of his own.

My daughter is hooked on Photoshop at the moment, expressing her creativity in cartoons. My son only just discovered we have an Adobe Cloud membership and is diving into Premiere Pro and After Effects as I type. And me, I can’t live without my phone, my laptop or my computer. I use it for Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard, Google and now Scrivener.

I had installed Scrivener on my PC, but since my son wanted to give film editing a go and the Adobe licence is limited to only two computers (mine and his sister’s one), he was adamant he used mine for it. I was okay with that as long as I could get Scrivener on my laptop. And, lo and behold, it works! I downloaded my script to Dropbox and picked it up with my laptop. I downloaded Scrivener on my laptop and retrieved the serial number from my email list. As Gmail is a cloud-based program I had no problem retrieving it whilst my son was already using my computer. Now I can do my writing on my laptop, my son can do his editing with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects and my daughter can draw with Adobe Photoshop, all at the same time!

Every day I am amazed with the possibilities of technology…

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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