Living Like A Vampire

Living Like A Vampire

Book 1 in the Suckers Trilogy

Living Like A Vampire

Living Like A Vampire is the story of Kate, a young woman who wasn’t looking for love but who bumps into it anyway. 

The story is set in October 2004, when Kate, a brand-new high school, science teacher, has to flee from her hometown of Bullsbrook, Maine, to escape the threat of ‘suckers’; people infected with the Succedaneum virus and who are now photo-phobic blood-suckers. Kate and her colleagues, Sue and Charlie, flee to a campground and hope to sit out the danger there until the army has solved the problem. They think they are safe in their cabin.

They are wrong. Very wrong.

Kate has to flee again, looses her friends in the chaos, and bumps into a handsome sucker who then mysteriously disappears. Kate has to pretend to be a sucker to stay alive, but survival is no longer the only thing on her mind. She moves heaven and earth to find her mysterious stranger again. 

Follow Kate as she tries to stay alive in an apocalyptic world, as she struggles to make sense of feelings of love for a deadly stranger, and as she tries to deal with amorous advances of a good friend she doesn’t want to lose.  

Read on about what happens to Kate ten years later in Raising A Vampire


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