Living Like A Vampire

Suckers Trilogy

Book 1.

Living Like A Vampire

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The story is about Kate, a brand new science teacher, who just started her career in an idyllic country town in Maine, US. Her picture perfect life is destroyed when there is a virus outbreak that turns people into photo-phobic, blood-sucking killers. Kate and her friends, Sue and Charlie, flee their hometown to survive. They hide at a campground and they think they are safe.

Then things go wrong. Very wrong.

Kate is thrown into emotional turmoil, action, and suspense. To top it all off, she falls in love with one of the suckers.

Will love win her over to the dark side?

I wrote this novel within two weeks in August 2015. I had a dream about a girl bumping into a vampire and instantly falling in love with him. My kids encouraged me to write it down and I didn’t leave the computer for fourteen days! It gave me an enormous buzz to write about the emotional turmoil the main character was getting into.

I had never written a novel in my life before and have no literary background. English isn’t even my first language! I began writing the story about halfway, so making it into one that was flowing from beginning to end was hard. I wrote, edited, re-wrote and re-edited many times. At first, I had the story in present tense, but that proved to be difficult. I couldn’t express everything I wanted to. I always had the story in the first person, told by Kate, as this seemed to come naturally to me. I did have the odd occasion that I wanted to write what others were doing, but as Kate would have no way of knowing about these actions I had to rewrite those parts. No big deal 🙂 .

I had added Charlie as a comic relief. However, writing about his relationship with Kate was so much more interesting than the main love interest that he became love interest #2. The fact that he is a dwarf, only made it more challenging and interesting. During my writing, he morphed into Peter Dinklage in my head, but he didn’t start out as him. I don’t know any dwarfs personally and I love Game of Thrones, so hence the obvious association. I actually sent Peter Dinklage the un-proofread version (stupid!) but never heard anything back (surprise, surprise). If he ever had the time to read it while filming GoT (season 6), he was probably too horrified by my poor writing skills!

I didn’t think about a ‘message’ while writing the story. No hidden agendas about feminism or anything. Kate is pretty much an average girl who falls hopelessly in love and finds out the hard way that life isn’t always what it seems and that nothing ever goes as planned. She does take matters into her own hands toward the end of the book, but, again, only out of love. Don’t we all do things in the name of love?

Living Like A Vampire is a story about misguided love, suppressed love, rejected love, newly found love, in other words: a love story. But it also has action, horror (just a little bit), suspense, and humor in it (my kind of humor so you may not think it funny at all. Sorry if I disappoint you).

I had a problem putting the right genre to it with all these things happening. I would call it a romantic thriller, but as that category doesn’t exist on Amazon, I had to call it a paranormal romance (even though there is no real paranormal stuff happening). If you compare it to World War Z, you’d call it an urban fantasy. I suppose you’ll have to read it yourself and make up your own mind on what to call it 🙂 .

Suckers – Book 1. Living Like A Vampire is available on Amazon

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