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Living Like A Vampire

 Book 1 in the Suckers Trilogy

Living Like A Vampire

Living Like A Vampire is the story of Kate, a young woman who wasn’t looking for love but bumps into it anyway.

It begins in October 2004 when Kate, a brand new high school science teacher, has to flee from her hometown in Maine, US, to escape the threat of ‘suckers’; people infected with the Succedaneum virus who are now photo-phobic blood-suckers. Kate and her colleagues, Sue and Charlie, flee to a campground and hope to sit out the danger until the army has solved the problem. They think they are safe in their cabin.

They are wrong. Very wrong.

Kate has to flee again, loses her friends in the chaos, and bumps into a handsome sucker who then mysteriously disappears. Kate has to pretend to be a sucker to stay alive, but survival is no longer the only thing on her mind. She moves heaven and earth to find her mysterious stranger again.

Follow Kate as she tries to stay alive in an apocalyptic world, as she struggles to make sense of feelings of love for a deadly stranger, and as she tries to deal with amorous advances of a good friend she doesn’t want to lose.

Will Kate be lured to the dark side?

Some reviews received for Living Like A Vampire:

“This is an insanely exciting read!!”

“If you have an itch for a great paranormal read, pick up Suckers today.”

“This story was easy to get engrossed in, lots of action.”

“There’s a clever twist at the end, worth reading for.”

“It was hard to stop reading. I liked the short chapters which made it easy to read just one more chapter.”

“A damn good tale of vampires, with plenty to get your teeth into.”

“If you like a good adventure story with a gentle, humorous romance do consider this well-written book.”

“If you enjoy a wacky trio of characters making light of the apocalypse as they struggle to survive, and the horrors that await them, then give this book a read.”

“I’m hoping there’s a second book!”

Author’s note on Living Like A Vampire:

I wrote this novel within two weeks in August 2015. I dreamed about a girl bumping into a vampire and instantly falling in love with him (cliché, I know!). My kids encouraged me to write it down, and I didn’t leave the computer for fourteen days. English isn’t my first language, and I had never dreamed of writing a novel, so it surprised me to find out it gave me an enormous buzz to write about the emotional turmoil my main character was getting into.

Story plotting was unknown to me then, and what I first wrote down was about halfway into the story. This made it very hard to get it flowing from beginning to end. I wrote, edited, re-wrote and re-edited many times. At first, I had the story in the present tense, but that proved to be difficult as I couldn’t express everything I wanted to. The story has always been in the first person, told by Kate, as this seems to come naturally to me. There was the odd occasion when I wanted to write what others were doing, but as Kate would have no way of knowing about these actions, I had to rewrite those parts. No big deal.

I had added Charlie as a comic relief. However, writing about his relationship with Kate was so much more interesting than Caleb, the main love interest who was absent most of the time, that he became love interest #2. The fact that he is a dwarf only made it more challenging and interesting. During my writing, he morphed into Peter Dinklage in my head, but he didn’t start out as him. I don’t know any dwarfs personally, and I love Game of Thrones, so hence the obvious association. I actually sent Peter Dinklage the un-proofread, first-draft version (stupid!) and never heard anything back (surprise, surprise). If he ever had the time to read it while filming GoT (season 6) in Ireland, he was very likely horrified by my poor writing skills as they were as good as non-existent at the time 🙂 .

Caleb, love interest #1, was always Ioan Gruffudd for me. I loved watching him as Horatio Hornblower.

Ioan Gruffudd and Peter Dinklage, or Caleb and Charlie in Living Like A Vampire
Ioan Gruffudd and Peter Dinklage, or Caleb and Charlie in Living Like A Vampire

I didn’t think about a ‘message’ while writing the story. No hidden agendas about feminism or anything. Kate is pretty much an average girl who has a crush on a guy and finds out the hard way that life isn’t always what it seems, and that nothing ever goes as planned. She does take matters into her own hands toward the end of the book, but only out of love. Don’t we all do things in the name of love?

Living Like A Vampire is a story of puppy love, misguided love, suppressed love, rejected love, and newly found love, in other words: a love story. It could be seen as a paranormal romance, a romantic suspense novel, or a romantic fantasy novel. But it also fits into the science fiction genre as it happens in an alternate universe with bio-engineering and enhanced humans. Oh wait, it also has action, horror (just a little bit), and humor in it. I guess I could label it with these categories as well. Hmm. I find it very difficult to put into one category 🙂 . I just hope you like the combination of it all!

Living Like A Vampire is available on AmazonKobo and Nook. It is also available in paperback on Amazon.

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