Let your story get hold of you

I read an article on Flipboard yesterday titled ‘The Beauty of Writing – What I Wish All Writers Knew’ by Vanessa Carnevale, Fiction & Freelance Writer, Coach (Her article)

The words that struck me were the following:

‘If you push past the discomfort by treating your first draft with gentleness and reverence, there will come a point that your story will take hold of you instead of you taking hold of your story.’

That is exactly what happened when I started writing my first novel! I sat back and let the characters do what they wanted to do. I immersed myself in the situation and… it just happened. I was merely the medium that was putting the words on paper. I didn’t plan the story line, I didn’t think about where I wanted to go with the story; I just let it happen… AND IT DID! Sometimes I even surprised myself with what I had written. My main character would be peddling up shit creek and I had no idea how to get her out again, but she did this all herself!

It’s the same with writing songs I suppose, as Marlon Roudette’s sings in ‘When the Beat Drops Out’: ‘The song will write you, you don’t write it.’ This was the song, by the way, that initiated my dream. He sings ‘ I was running, we collided’ and ‘I didn’t mean to fall in love, last thing I was thinking off.’ That’s exactly what happened in my dream: girl was running and collided with vampire, hopelessly falling in love with him.

So you never know where your inspiration comes from, but you shouldn’t worry about it. It’ll come, one way or another. Don’t give up, just put your pen to paper! Or your fingers to the keyboard… 🙂

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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