Lessons Learned #27

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I’m sorry, but I have not ‘learned’ much this week asĀ I have been very busy on my re-write (following Jim Rohn’s suggestion šŸ™‚ ). The oddĀ bits and bobs that I did find remarkable are the following:

  • I write best in the morning. My evening writes are almost always corrected the next day
  • I can write with and without music in the background
  • I am a sucker for television. Whenever my son asks me to come watch Dexter (love that series!)Ā  I’m off
  • After I re-write a chapter I throw it through ProWritingAid and only use the following nowadays, which I think does help improve my writing:
    • Vague and Abstract Words Check (to make my writing more interesting)
    • Overused Words Check (ditto)
    • Repeats Check (ditto)
    • Writing Style Check (to get rid of passive verbs)
    • Pronoun Check (to prevent three or more sentences starting with ‘I’)
  • I eat more whilst editing than when I’m writing šŸ™
  • I used the word ‘got’ an awful lot of times when I wrote my first book. I’m 100% sure my vocabulary has improved since!

That’s it this week…

Hope you have a Happy Writing Weekend!

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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