Lessons Learned #26

A handy app for character planning

Character Planner App

This past week I have made an effort to work on my re-write more than ever. I want it finished (and hence the few ‘extra’ posts)! This doesn’t mean I am completely closed off to the outside world though and I do follow up on any posts if I see something that can enhance me as a writer. One of those things I checked out this week is the Character Planner app, which a fellow author on FARG suggested earlier.

It’s a free app for your mobile and I think I am definitely going to use it when I will be writing my third book. You can fill out many characters, including their backgrounds, but it has many more options. I’ll give you the first three categories as an example.Character Planner App Story.png






Date of Birth

Place of Birth




Once Sentence Description




Skin Tone

Facial Shape

Eye Colour

Distinguish Feature

Other Facial Feature

Hair Style

Body Type



Something always carried/Weapon/Tools


Other Physical Appearance








Area of Residence/Environment

Home Description


Organization Involved


Job Satisfaction


As you can see it is very detailed. There are also the categories of Attitude, Past, Story, Relation and Custom. If you fill in all of these, you’ll have a very good idea of what your character is like. It may even reveal something about your character that you didn’t realise yet!

What I like about this app is that I can have it handy while I am writing. As it is on my phone I don’t have to sacrifice screen space to see it on my computer, or flick from one document to another. It keeps me on track of what my characters are like and I (will) use the app to make them unique, come alive. I doubt that your characters have the same looks, birthplaces and hobbies as mine, so they’ll all be different.

It can help you in making character arcs as you can jot down short term goals and long term goals. Their habits and character traits will influence on how they achieve these goals and how they cope if it doesn’t go as planned.

In my second book my MC ages ten years and at the end of it many things have happened to her and have changed around her. For my third book I can then make a new character sheet for her with the adjusted details, or just edit them in the ‘old’ file. It’s up to me what I want to do.

Yes, you could make your own document with the information, but why do so if somebody already did it for you? Give it a go, it’s free!

Have a Happy Writing Weekend!

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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  1. I can definitely see the benefit of using something like this, Jacky, but to be honest I’d be bored rigid if I had to come up with all this info for each character. I’ll stick with the start-writing-and-see-what-happens method. 😉

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