Lessons Learned #20

How to deal with criticism


This week I finished writing my script for the short we are filming in August. It is basically a short slasher movie, although it has more suspense than horror in it. It’s about a number of campers, who get decimated by something/somebody unknown (unknown until the end, where it is revealed what is happening of course). There is no gore in it (unfortunately), just a blood splatter on the camera in the end.

I contacted some actors and send them the script and divvied out the roles. As it is holiday time I haven’t had a reply from everybody yet, but two thirds of the roles are accounted for. One of the replies though had me gutted. It was literally like my heart was being cut out when I read it. Had I really been so uncaring and blunt in my writing?

I studied my script again and could see what this person was seeing. But only after I read my script though special glasses; negative glasses. When I put on my glasses, positive glasses, I saw that what I had written was doing good, not bad.

Nevertheless it was a blow to my confidence. Heaven knows I know how this feels and I certainly don’t wish it upon other people, and certainly not through my doing. But after lying awake for a couple of nights about it, I concluded that you just can’t please everybody all the time. Sometimes you just have to let go.

Life is too short to be serious all the time and we all have to accept who we are and what we can do with our lives. Sure, life seems hard when you are young and you think the world is a magical place and you don’t like people being not-perfect. But, hey, nobody is perfect and life sucks for different people in different ways. As my life is spanning nearly half a century now, I have met some very colourful people along the way. Some have had the luck of a happy life. Most, however, have not been so lucky and they all deal with it in their own way. Some waddle their whole life in their unhappiness, some jump out of bed every morning and turn the other cheek and move on. Who am I to say how they should handle things? I can’t even handle my own life…

So what have I learned from this episode? That life sucks, that life is what you make it, that you can’t please everybody, that life still goes on, and that I need to improve my scriptwriting 🙂

 Have a Wonderful Writing Weekend!

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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