Lessons Learned #10

Crash course on Twitter…

Sorry, no Lessons Learned #9b yet! But I haven’t forgotten…

Today I would like to share with you what I learned this last week doing a promotion for my first novel, Succedaneum – Living Like A Vampire.

Someone in FARG mentioned that their book sold better when she put her price up, suggesting that people are looking for quality work instead of books full of grammar and editing issues. That sparked my interest and I upped my price from £0.99 to £2.99. I started on Sunday and boosted a FB entry to get my book seen for a week. This  cost me £11. On Tuesday I still only had three copies sold, amounting to £2.78. This was not going to get my advertising cost back.
As the sales had been down for a fortnight before that, and after suggestions by some lovely people, I enrolled my book into KDP Select on Wednesday and entered it into a promo, free for one day, on Thursday.

I did a speed course in Twitter, using Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors – by W H Sutherland,  and got Tweepi, Socialoomph, bit.ly and was suggested Authl.it by a fellow author on FARG. I used Tweepi to double my Twitter followers. I started with about 45 (which took me over a month) and currently have 100 followers. Authl.it helped me to create Amazon book links that directed people to their own country’s Amazon. Bit.ly helped me to shorten those links (and create specific named ones, which, with hindsight, weren’t shorter smile emoticon ) and be able to write more about my book in the tweets. Socialoomph (free version) was my best friend. With this I could schedule tweets over the day. The problem is that Twitter doesn’t allow spam (repeated tweets), which  only was apparent after the first five tweets. I had to re-arrange, re-word, re-direct my tweets, which cost more time and stress than I had anticipated.

All in all I managed to get three messages out on Wednesday, spaced over the day (not mentioning the free promo coming up yet, as I didn’t know yet). Yesterday I sent out eighteen tweets, of which two were in the early morning of today (as the US times are different). I didn’t do more after that as I ran out of ideas of what to write and they would certainly be seen as spam.

Next to that I put out a message on my website, on my FB site, and went through FB sites FARG provides in their Files, putting my add up on as many FB book sites that let you put in visitor entries and joined a number of groups on which I put my add up too. The acceptations for the groups were rather late (as I asked in the morning and it takes time for people to get back to you), so, memo to others, get accepted into these groups at least a day before you run your promo!

So, what is the result of a stressful day? My book was downloaded 123 times! It seems such a small amount compared to what I have read that others had on their promo day, but I am happy with it. My genre is rather specific, action/drama/humorous vampire romances are not everybody’s cup of tea. Apart from the fact that 99.999% of the world’s population (if not more) doesn’t know I exist smile emoticon. I hope the people who downloaded it actually read it, like it and leave a review (of course!). And maybe, just maybe, they will buy the sequel…

As promised, here are some more great books from wonderful people:

Who Killed Little Johnny, by Kathryn McMaster

Intercepted, by Susanna Seigler http://amzn.com/B01CB86ETO

Riot Score, by Simon Maltman


Arrival, by Chris Gallagher http://amzn.to/1Xp64OT

The Second Captive, by Maggie James http://smarturl.it/thesecondcaptive

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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