How not to lose your uploaded Amazon Music

All your songs uploaded to Amazon Music will be deleted if you don’t take action now!

This post has nothing to do with writing. Unless you use music to get your writing inspiration like I do, of course. I don’t have an extended library in Amazon Music as most of my music is on my PC, the place I work at, but lately, I have been using Amazon Music mostly. As I still like to keep listening to my ‘old’ music (I’m an eighties girl), I have uploaded music from my PC to my Amazon Music account, so I can listen to all my music on my mobile phone as well.

What’s the deal with Amazon Music?

So, what’s happening with Amazon Music? Why would you lose your uploaded songs? Well, apparently Amazon’s changing its strategy, and as of the 28th of April, that is just over a fortnight from today, all your uploaded songs will be deleted from your account. That’s right, all gone!

How to keep your uploaded songs?

Not to worry, there is a way to keep them! If you log into your Amazon Music account and go to the Settings menu, there is a yellow button on the page (see image below) that you have to click to keep your songs. That’s all. All your uploaded songs will stay where they are. But you’ll have to click the button before the 28th. Better do it now 🙂


Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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