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As you might know I am re-writing my first novel ‘Succedaneum – Living Like A Vampire.’ When I wrote it I only had my high school English under my belt and absolutely no literary inclination whatsoever. In the last year I have made it my mission to improve my writing and hope that this shows in my new version. It will be totally vamped up; it will have a new cover (it’s the one above, do you like it?), new name (it will now be called ‘Suckers – Book 1. Living Like A Vampire), new chronological time line, new improved text, and, hopefully, a totally new fan club 🙂 !

When you sign up I will email you a free copy when my work is done and the book is available. Obviously I would like you all to leave a review on Amazon as I would love to hear what you think of it!

My re-write of the sequel, ‘Suckers – Book 2. Raising A Vampire’ will not be far off and I already have most of the story for the last in the trilogy, ‘Suckers – Book 3. Killing A Vampire,’ in my head…