IKEA; don’t you just hate that you love it…

My husband and I made a trip to the IKEA click & collect store in Aberdeen on Saturday. We were very happy that we finally got an IKEA store up north as we don’t have to drive all the way to Edinburgh now. It is, as mentioned, a ‘click & collect’ store. This means that the display area is extremely minimal and you can’t pick up stuff on the spot; everything needs to be ordered in first. I tried to ‘click’ in order to ‘collect’, but I couldn’t even get to the website for this store. Everytime I was redirected to the Edinburgh store. I tried to call them, but the same thing happened. It was as if this store didn’t exist.

We decided to make the forty-five minutes drive to get there in person. We had some errands to do on the way, so it actually took a bit longer. When we got there, it said on a big poster at the entrance that you could order online. Eyebrows raised. Now I really wanted to know now how to do this. So I contacted a member of staff. He showed us that it was a bit tricky. You needed to place your order without putting in any personal (location) details and on the next page, you would have the option of choosing the click & collect store of Aberdeen.

Happy to know how to now, we ordered the item why we came (a door for the wardrobe), had lunch, and, after buying some Swedish meatballs, sauce, and jam, we went on our merry way again.

Savedal Door.jpg

On Sunday, we figured out we needed to order three doors to cover the dryer, washing machine, and cabinet in the laundry. I know, we should’ve known the day before, but I was under the assumption that we were going to have these match the wardrobe doors (as you can’t get wardrobe doors that match laundry doors from IKEA) by a cabinet maker (sometimes communication is lacking in our household). So, I happily opened the website and put my order in the basket. Opening my shopping basket site, I found out that the option available in the store (to order from the click & collect store) didn’t pop up on my site. What did I do wrong?

I called them first thing Monday morning, only to get an answering machine stating that the website was lacking, that they were working on it, and that we won’t be able to order anything online or through a customer service center for the next four days. This means I will need to either go back to the store again (not an option) or wait until I can order my doors and visit the store again after picking up the wardrobe door. And eat Swedish meatballs for dinner another two evenings.

Don’t you just hate that 🙂

Swedish Meatballs.jpg

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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