I won’t be silent!

My penny’s worth…

I just read a post on Facebook where a white male mentions that Variety (a show-business magazine) ‘smugly’ announces that Moana is a hit because it’s feminist and progressive. He ends his post with the words “Oh dear, I guess that settles it. No more whites or males in the movies…”

I don’t know about you, but it raised the hairs in my neck. 55% Of the world population is female. Why females aren’t dominating the movie industry is still a mystery (well, actually it isn’t as it’s a white male run business) and even if females did manage to have the most leading roles it would take us a while to get even.

The post got even worse when I read that a fellow white male replied that “things are getting ridiculous. As in even Game of Thrones features fierce female heroines one of whom is not satisfied by obedient dragons but now has a midget and eunuch as her commandants. Ha ha give us a break.”

Really? So people of small statue and those who have been mutilated as a child by cruel people can’t command? As far as I know nothing happened to their brains making them incapable of rational thought, but that may be because I have a medical background. Hang on, no wait… all people who use their brain could figure this one out!

Dr Seus.jpg

Some part of me says it’s no use to try and educate people with such small minds, but I couldn’t stay silent. To stay silent would be the same as being guilty and I refuse to be guilty to such ignorant stupidity. I tried to find out what this person was really trying to convey, but his word choice was getting beyond what I could accept as a normal conversation. When I said I wouldn’t waste any more words to such an ignorant, discriminating, misogynist, and small-minded person, he thought it was fine praise. I rest my case.

The person quoting the original text replied saying he found it stupid and offensive to address everything in terms of race and sex and that this was what Obama had done to the country. I replied that Obama is unfortunately the first president that made people aware that there is a huge inequality in the US that needs to be addressed. It is sad that after such a long existence of humankind there is still the need for this and people still don’t see another human being for what they are; another human being. It may be boring and tedious for a white male, but there is a large group of other people out there, discriminated on a daily basis, that rejoice the fact that somebody speaks up for them. It is very hard for them to live an equal existence with people like *name of ignorant person* around who believe they are somehow ‘better’ because of their size, skin colour, who they love, and what religion the practise. That I find stupid and offensive.

When, oh when, is the world going to be an equal place, where people are valued for their being, their thoughts, their contribution to society? Instead of people with teeny weeny tiny (male white) brains ridiculing, discriminating, and oppressing others. I can only guess they’re trying to compensate for something…

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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