I don’t write novels only…

I have joined the Meldrum Writers Group in November 2015 and started writing short stories (with a maximum of 1000 words). It is great fun! The low number of words does limit the amount of adverbs and adjectives that you can use, but it is good exercise. Sometimes we do grammar exercises from the Writing magazine, which are hard! You have to pick out twenty mistakes in a little bit of text and it is amazing how often you read past a terrible mistake, only because your brain subconsciously corrects it.

I have listed the stories that I have written so far and will keep adding as I write them.

I had also entered a writing competition in 2016, the NYC Midnight short story challenge. I wrote the story called ‘Choices’ for that. I didn’t make it through to the second round, but I was expecting this. I have already learned so much since I began writing and hopefully write better now. Through my online courses, I learned about Create50, another short story competition. It’s still open if you’re interested! They have a theme called ‘Twisted50’ and they are looking for twisted/supernatural stories with a  twist. Could be anything… So I’ve entered about five stories. Which one do you like best?

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