I am intolerant…

Of stupid people and exercise…

Yes, I’m an intolerant person. I’m intolerant to a lot of things, amongst others coward shooters who kill innocent people. Or people who then brag about how right they were of a religion being bad, even though the majority of people practise this religion without any violent tendency. Rape is caused by rapists. Violence is caused by violent people. Short-sightedness is another intolerance I have…

At the moment I have another annoying intolerance, which is my intolerance to exercise. This is not a joke, it was confirmed by a doctor. I didn’t even know this existed, but I have it. When I was younger I started fencing. Even though it doesn’t look it, it is a very intense sport with short outburst of energy. During trainings I got short of breath and people were telling me I was asthmatic. I had myself tested and voila; I’m exercise intolerant. What a bummer.

I’ve tried to get fit multiple times. I’ve tried boot camp. I had to stop after two weeks because I tore a ligament in my foot whilst sprinting over an uneven field. Very painful, both physical and emotional. I thought I’d stay safe by swimming. Had to stop that due to calcifications in my shoulder tendons. First one shoulder, but I’m no quitter; then the other played up. A year later I tried another boot camp. I managed a couple of weeks this time. How overjoyed was I when I got shin splints after running for fifteen minutes on tarmac… not. I felt like the universe was against me getting in shape.

Since then I have not actively tried to get fit. I’ve been to the gym for half a year though, before being bored to death. I’ve been to gyms many times over the span of my life. And every time the same thing happens. Boredom. No improvement to spur me on as my exercise intolerance stops this motivation in its tracks. Sport should be relaxing, they say, it should give you an outlet for all your frustration. But it only frustrates me when I want to do something I can’t. Or I do it anyway and suffer the consequences.

Yesterday I spent four hours painting my bedroom walls. Today I can hardly lift my right arm. Even typing this hurts. I hope the gods are having a good time laughing about me…

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

2 thoughts on “I am intolerant…”

  1. Do you enjoy dance? My wife was having similar challenges and then found Zumba, which has been a life changer for her. She loves it so much she became an instructor!

  2. I love dancing! I used to do Zumba when I was living in Australia and my friend also became an instructor. Unfortunately there are only Zumba classes in the evening where I live, which is the time I want to spend with my family. One day though… one day… 😊

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