(write a story about fame)

The wind blew through Jason’s hair. He felt so high at the moment. Not only because of the dose of uppers he had just taken. Jason looked down and saw the crowd below him. It always gave him a tremendous rush to stand in front of his audience.

He had come a long way these last five years. It had begun with his Year 11 stage performance as Tony in the musical ‘West Side Story.’ His singing had piqued the interest of a parent in the audience. The man had appeared to be in the singing business and had taken him apart after the performance. “You have a future there, kid,” he had said. “With your voice and your looks, you can conquer the world.” The words had been music to Jason’s ears. His parents were thrilled as well as Jason hadn’t shown much interest in his future so far and certainly didn’t have the brain capacity to study. They had taken the man’s business card with gratitude and within a week, Jason had an appointment for an interview.

It had all been a roller coaster ride from then on, a thrill ride that most kids could only dream of. He had been put into contests, the most profitable one being ‘America’s Got Talent.’ He had won it, and the fame that came with it was overwhelming, to say the least. Since then, he had made several albums, done a tour of America, and even a world tour. Not that he had seen much of the world. The insides of hotel rooms don’t show you much of a country other than what brand of whiskey they favor. The most he had seen of the countries he had visited had been from an airplane or a taxi window. There had not been much time for sightseeing. The times he had ventured out and about had been for photo shoots and there was not much pleasure in that.

There had been girls though. ‘Ah, the girls,’ Jason thought. His memory visited the many girls he had been with. They had all given their bodies so freely to him, including the diseases that those bodies carried. He had learned his lesson soon enough and carried condoms with him wherever he went now. He put his hand in his pocket and touched one of the little square packages. ‘Don’t leave home without it,’ Jason thought with a smile. He looked down upon the crowd. It was a mixed crowd this time, but there were always the girls, swooning and shrieking. He stepped forward and put both his arms up in the air. The crowd roared. How he loved that sound. Did he see one of the girls faint? Possibly. Very likely actually, they always did.

Jason looked up into the night sky. It looked so peaceful. It was the quiet before the storm. Soon, he would give the performance of a lifetime. He was pepped up and ready.

It was one of the early lessons he had learned from his manager. “Always please your audience,” she had said. “No matter what you do, never disappoint your audience. Without them, you are nothing.” Jason had memorized those words as if they were written in the bible. He had played the crowds, pleased them, gave them the performance of a lifetime. Every. Single. Time. Wherever he went, his fans always came first. His manager had tried to stop him signing autographs so many times when they were on their way to a concert or an interview, but Jason had never listened, always making time for his fans. It was part of his attraction to them. He gave his fans the feeling they meant something to him. So many famous persons didn’t care about their fans. At least, they didn’t show it. And their fan base would shrink because of it. Not Jason’s. Jason felt he could rule the world if his fans wanted him to. He certainly would have enough voters to with a presidential election.

Jason stepped up to the edge of the stage. The crowd below went wild. He ran to the left, and the crowd to the left roared. He ran to the right, and the crowd to the right roared. Blood pumped through Jason’s veins, delivering the adrenaline to every single cell in his body. He casually walked back to the center. There, he turned to face his fans. He put his feet together in a dramatic way while stretching out his arms. Again, the crowd went wild. He put both hands to his mouth and threw a kiss into the crowd. Girls were definitely fainting now. He felt better than he ever felt before. Slowly, he stretched his arms out sideways again.

A single noise rang out. Jason’s body moved back a split second. He staggered backward but immediately stepped forward again. He wasn’t going to lose his center spot on the stage now. Jason looked down. There was a patch of red on his shirt that was growing bigger. As he felt a weakness come over him, accompanied by a clammy feeling, he took a step forward. There was nothing for his foot to stand on and he fell. The wind through his hair felt refreshing. The roar of the crowd was deafening. This was what it was all about. This was what he had lived for all his life. As he fell from the six-story building’s rooftop, he caught a glimpse of the rifle on the rooftop opposite that had fired the fatal bullet. The assassin who wielded it was packing it up to make a quick getaway.

Faster and faster Jason fell. It seemed to take longer than he expected. Jason’s eyes took in the crowd as they drew nearer. He smiled at them. This was his final performance. He had paid the assassin generously to do the job and he had done it well. Jason thought this the ultimate sacrifice to his fans. He was going to die young so he would always be young and beautiful in his fans’ eyes.

When Jason hit the pavement, his fame had never been higher.


Copyrighted (c) by Jacky Dahlhaus