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I had forty-five minutes to write this post before I had to run off to see a chiropractor. Yep, still back problems but higher up now. I can’t look down, which is really annoying when you’re typing. Fortunately, I can do touch typing (life saver!), but my back is still killing me. I haven’t seen a GP first as it is near impossible to get an appointment in the same week, so I’m paying the full price. Anything to get my movement back. A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!


There is great news to tell this week. I have finished my guest blog article for Cynthia Morgan’s website. It’s my first guest blog, I’m so excited! It’s especially exciting as I have written a meeting of Charlie and Sasha, two characters from my books, before the story starts. It was so much fun to write. I didn’t realize how much I missed writing. Yes, I’ve been writing blogs and short stories, but this was different. This was writing about my babies, the characters that drew me into writing. It made me happy and I can’t wait to begin writing book 3 now.

I have also been asked to do another guest blog by Ivy Logan. She asked me to write an article about writers and technology. People have the impression I am tech-savvie, LOL! If you ask my husband, he’d give you another answer 😀 ! All he keeps saying to me is “breathe in, breathe out, now count to ten…” I do know more than the average person, I suppose, but my impatientness doesn’t help when I want to make something happen. I’ll keep you up to date where to find the article when it’s up.


The other thing that made me smile this week was when Ivy told me she liked me to write the article because I write ‘so bold and sassy.’ I had to look up what sassy exactly means. It’s ‘lively, full of spirit, cheeky.’ I found it such a lovely compliment, it made my day. What am I saying, it made my week! Thank you, Ivy 🙂 .

I sent out, of course, some happy memes sent out this week. Here they are:

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