Friday Fun Day!

Another week has passed…

Yay, another weekend ahead of us! What are you guys up to? I’ve got Comic Con planned for the whole Saturday. My daughter and I are going with some friends. I’ll be the only one not dressed up, for a change. I have plenty of costumes, but none are of a comics character. Oh well, I guess I’ll be the only one without going-to-the-loo problems 😀 .


We have a dilemma regarding our planning. There are three movies in the cinema this weekend we’d like to see. The first one is ‘Whiskey Galore,’ a movie with Eddie Izzard and filmed here on the north coast of Scotland. The guy who did the wallpapering in our living room told us his boat features in it. How cool is that? The other two are ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge’ and ‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.’ For a change, they’re all movies my daughter wants to watch as well. I guess we’ll have to pick two and watch the other one next weekend, together with ‘Baywatch.’

I’m sorry for not blogging more this week. I have a good reason though: I have an editor! She’s a friend of a friend. As always, it isn’t what you know, but who you know. She has already finished editing my book and came back with very good questions and suggestions and corrections. Now I have to thoroughly go through my work and make it better. I’m hoping to do this within the next two weeks. I wished I could do it faster, but life has a habit of getting in the way.


Last Tuesday, we had the first AGM of our film club, Aberdeenshire Film Productions. We have accomplished quite a bit over the past year. With a sad heart, I have thrown in the towel regarding my producing/directing role in the group and we are now looking for someone to take my place. Even though I liked directing very much, I hated the producing part with a passion. Getting a producer without them directing is hard, so I have sacrificed my directing role in the hope to get someone who is willing to be a producer as well. Apart from the fact that I want to focus on my writing. It was just a bit too much to try and do it all.

Regarding getting more done, I have good news too! We had set our alarm for 6 am this morning. It was very much a case of going cold turkey and we managed to finally drag our bodies out of bed at 6:50 am. I don’t know how your marriage works, but we are almost joined at the hip. My husband is a lot stronger than I am though and normally gets out of bed before I do (and brings me my coffee). Getting up at 6 am, though, is very much like torture for the both of us (yet), and I’m dreading what will happen at 10 pm tonight, but we hope to get used to it soon and get more done. We went for a walk with the dogs this morning, which was very pleasant. We still have to figure out what to actually do so early 😀 .

Last, but not least; memes! Here are the ones I gathered this week:

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  1. what are we up to? my car is back on the road after a sheered bolt cost me $1200…had to remove the rear of the van to access the chassis, cut off the old saddle with its U/S bolt and then weld the new saddle and bolt onto the chassis. After that, the guys had to put the back of the van back onto the chassis. hard lesson to learn – never read the instructions! These were wrong, the torque was 45 ft lbs, NOT 145 ft lbs! The new dog is slowly settling in. she still crawls to us a bit, but once she gets going she walks well. took her for a walk up to the shop this morning, she pulled hard for the first 1000 metres or so and then slowed down to our pace. heavy front passed through today, but the storms went north and south so we got very little rain. Heading up to Kirsty’s on Friday, walking 2 stages of the Bibbulmun Track with Kirsty and Liam – his first time on the track, two overnight camps. Six weeks to our holidays now, final preps in place, just a full service the week before to check all is fine with the car then off for two months on the road. Still not allowed to go back to work full time; start back on Monday for 1 half day a week. Another review on the 8th June, but no chance of being back on five full days/week ‘till September. Pretty serious breakdown, gonna take me a long while to get over this and back on the rails. With retirement only 13 months away, I must really take care so that we can enjoy it for a long time. Love to all of you,’ Bob & Chris

    1. Sounds like you have no time to go back to work, Bob! 😄 Glad to hear Pippa is settling in. Have fun on the Bibbulmun track. I hope you don’t encounter a mouse spider like we did the time we walked it together 😊😘

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