Filming with Aberdeenshire Film Productions

Filming with Aberdeenshire Film Productions

This last weekend I have been busy from early morning till late in the afternoon, filming with Aberdeenshire Film Productions. I’m writer, producer, and director, so I have been rather busy preparing for this shoot beforehand as well. As I’m not a spring chicken anymore, I was knackered in the evening and didn’t watch any TV. We also had a visitor (my father-in-law), who doesn’t speak English), so another reason not to watch any movies. So no movie review last Monday, sorry. I have been proofreading on Monday and Tuesday; Twisted50 Volume Two. It is a horror anthology that has one of my stories in it. It’s coming out late November, but more about this in another post.

It had been a while since our last shoot, but we finally got everyone together and started filming The Apparition. It’s a short story I wrote for the Meldrum Writers’ Club. It’s the story about a mother who sees her child standing on the lawn, knowing her child died a year ago in a car crash.

We did a shout out for an actress and got the lovely Catherine O’Donnell to play the mother. Originally, we had the child being a son, but as our sound technician went down with a cold, my son (whom I drafted to play the son) got that role, and my daughter played the child. She actually looked more like a relative of the mother than my son would have 😄.

The weather didn’t cooperate at all with us. It was cloudy in the morning, but after lunch the sun broke out and we decided to film the indoor scenes on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday, the weather again didn’t cooperate as it was raining. We re-shot the scenes indoor (so we didn’t have a sunny outdoors showing through the window). Unfortunately, in the afternoon it was extremely sunny again. We couldn’t continue the shoot. Instead, we decided to move to a different location to shoot the husband’s dialogue.

We are very lucky to have a really dedicated crew. They gave up a day’s work to be able to shoot for a third day today. Unfortunately, this time the Aberdeenshire transport system is working against us and we’re still waiting for our actress to arrive. Part of the crew take the time to catch up on some sleep in the meantime 😄. Fingers crossed the weather is not so stubborn today!

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

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