Easter Egg Hunt – extended with clues!

Easter Egg Hunt! Find an Easter Egg on my website and win a signed, printed copy (first edition) of Living Like A Vampire (Book 1 in the Suckers Trilogy)!

I just spent twenty-one minutes on an egg hunt with my family. Well, it was my daughter and me looking for hidden chocolate eggs for this long. Before our Easter brunch, we hid the eggs for the boys (my husband and my son) and it took them twenty-three minutes to find them all. We love our egg hunts! No matter how old we are, we will always have Easter egg hunts.

I thought you may like them too. So, I’ve hidden three Easter eggs on my website (see above for the images you need to find. The ones on this page, obviously, don’t count). If you find one, email me (jackydahlhaus@gmail.com), let me know where you found the egg, and I will send you a signed copy of the first edition of ‘Living Like A Vampire’ in print! Obviously, you need to send me your address as well. I have six copies to give away. I will let you know on this page if all six ‘eggs’ have been found. The eggs can be on pages or blogs. The winners will be announced on Tuesday (3rd of April 2018).

I’ll give you a hint: the eggs can all be found in 2018 and are on sites that I think could do with some chocolate 😊

Okay, too hard still? Some more hints then:

  • The first site is a short story that has to do with food
  • The second site is a blog post when I could do with some chocolate to eat away the stress
  • The third site is a blog post that I think every writer should read or know by heart

I’m giving you one more day to find them 🙂

Ready, set, go!

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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