Dissappointment or sadness?

Just another blow…


I don’t know what is worse:

the disappointment

or the sadness…

This morning I Skyped with my Mum again. We talked about this and that, as per usual, to keep up with each other’s lives as we live in different countries and I can’t come over for a cuppa as often as I would like. I moved all the way from Australia back to Europe to be closer to my family (in particular to my Mum and my two sisters). My husband couldn’t get a job on the mainland, so we settled for Scotland. I miss my family, I miss being able to go shopping with my sisters and having a cuppa with my Mum. Apparently they don’t.

As my Mum was chatting about her weekend she happened to mention the surprise party my niece had organised for her Mum (my older sister) as she had accepted a job abroad for the next two years and will leave the country at the end of the month. At first my Mum mentioned that it was a party for my sister’s friends. But then it appeared that my other sister was there as well, as was her daughter (my other niece), as was my mother. But not me.

I did mention to my Mum that I would have liked to have been invited. I think I would have gone if I had been invited, no matter the cost. But I wasn’t. I thought that, even though my oldest sister is not my best friend, my younger sister and/or my Mum would have included me in the celebrations. At least they could have sent an invite. But apparently I am not considered a friend nor family.

I was just getting over the whole script attack thing and now this. I think I’m just going to crawl into a hole and not come out for a while.

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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