Create 50

I have entered a short story writing competition called ‘Create 50.’ You write a 2000 words story, enter for £5 and in return you read and review three other stories. It is a fun way of learning what other people think of your writing and learn about other people’s writing style.

This year’s theme is a repeat of last year’s, called ‘Twisted.’ It’s basically a horror theme. I entered a story I started to write after a scary dream I had and got stuck on the story line. The dream ended. But 2K words should do the trick. I got nice feedback already of fellow writers (thanks Scott, Christopher and Dan!). They were spot on that I actually intended to make this into a feature length novel and kind of rushed the end of my short story whilst starting very detailed. I will have to re-write the story to put more emphasis on the ending, where it matters.

I will, when I’m back behind my computer and not sitting in bed still, upload the first version and subsequent reviewed versions of my story, called ‘The Entity,’ in ‘My Other Ramblings’ at the top of my page, so you can follow my progress. I can only upload three drafts, so I have to make them count!



Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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