Cream Pie

Samuel was a happy young man. His father owned a bedding store and Sam had recently joined his father’s sales department. Theo, his father, had trained him in every department of the store over the past few years. Now Sam was working full-time in the store and he was already seen as a competent salesman by all staff.

He was about to ring the doorbell on his first maintenance visit. He had gotten the call when all the other staff members were busy. The lady on the phone had called to confirm the appointment for 12 noon today. As the others were very busy he had decided to take this task upon himself. He knew his father went on maintenance visits now and again, so he knew it was normal to visit customers. Still he felt anxious. He didn’t really know what was expected as this was one topic his father had never divulged about. After he rang the doorbell a lady opened the door; she was a beautiful woman, scarcely dressed in a pink negligee and a pink, see-through gown. She was clearly taken aback when she saw young Sam.

“Can I help you?” she finally said, slightly embarrassed as she tried to cover her exposed body with the gown.

“Yes, Ms Smith, my name is Sam, I am here for the matrass maintenance,” Sam said, trying to keep his eyes on the woman’s face.

“Ah, in that case, you better come in,” the woman said, pleased all of a sudden, and she stepped out of the way to let Sam in. She told him to follow her upstairs. Sam did as he was told. Entering the woman’s bedroom was as if he had entered a fairy tale; everything in the room was pink. Literally. Everything. The curtains were pink, the carpet was pink, the wallpaper was pink, and the bedding was pink. Even all the little, fluffy accessories were pink. On the bedside table was a dish with cream pie, the only thing in the room that wasn’t pink.

“What do I do now?” Sam said unsure.

“Oh, let me take care of that,” she woman said knowledgeable, and she pushed Sam on the bed. After she had climbed on top of him she started to undress him. “We need to test the bed for squeaks,” she smiled. “It is vital for my business.”

Sam suddenly realised that this woman was a hooker. He had never been with a woman and couldn’t believe his luck that this gorgeous specimen was practically throwing herself at him. What better way to learn than from a professional?

“It would be a pleasure to help you with that,” he said delighted, while his pants were being removed, “but is there any cost involved?” He had to know before she moved on as he didn’t have any cash on him.

“Nope, all has been paid for in advance,” she said assured.

Just as she had her hands on his underwear the doorbell rang. They both looked at the bedroom door.

“Wait here,” she said.

Sam thought that was funny. Where else was he going to go in his underpants? Ms Smith, he still didn’t know her first name, left the room and he could hear her letting somebody in. To Sam’s despair he realised that they were coming up the stairs. He quickly grabbed all his clothing and shoes, looked around and hid in the wardrobe with the pink painted louvre shutters. He could hear the visitor now and realised he was a man. And he recognised the man’s voice; it was the voice of his father! He had to make sure that what he heard was true and he peeked through the louvres. To his astonishment it was indeed his father.

“I’m so glad you came for the maintenance check again, Theo,” the woman said.

“Wouldn’t want to miss it in the world, you know how much it means to me!” his father said with a smile.

Sam had no choice but to stay put where he was. He saw his father being undressed by the woman, who didn’t seem to be surprised that Sam had vanished. After the undressing there was a lot of giggling and groaning. The giggling happened mostly when Sam’s father was using the cream pie to cover the woman’s naked body and then taking it all off again, with his tongue. The groaning happened after. He couldn’t believe that this was his father. The man who was married to his mother, the man who had lived with his mother for over twenty years and whom he had never seen naked together. The thought of them having sex had never, ever, entered his mind even. His mother was the type of woman that nobody would ever think of having sex. She was chubby, didn’t use any make-up, and was usually dressed in floral gowns, granny style. After almost being relieved of his virginity by this diva, Sam could understand why his father came here to do his ‘maintenance checks.’

Sam made sure his father had left before finally coming out of the wardrobe. The lady was still lying on the bed, smoking a cigarette.

“I better go now,” he said shyly and started to get dressed.

“You don’t have to,” the woman said with a wicked smile. But Sam left nevertheless. The recent experience had spoilt the moment for him.

That evening during dinner he had been very quiet. His mother had cooked a simple stew today. To compensate for her blend cooking she was proud to put a cream pie on the table for dessert. Sam couldn’t contain himself any longer.

“That pie looks delicious, Mom! I’d love to smear it on a woman’s body and lick it off!”

His father nearly choked.

“Don’t say such vulgarities, Sam, you’ll give your father a heart-attack!”

Sam exchanged glances with his father and knew that from that moment on they would share the load of maintenance visits.


Copyrighted by Jacky Dahlhaus

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