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Is it me, or are there more courses for writers available now than ever before? Anybody who wants to be somebody all of a sudden needs to be producing a course. Apparently it’s THE way to make money nowadays. And hence everybody is making courses, to rake in that money.

There are courses on how to become a writer, courses on writing novels, courses on writing good novels, courses on writing a plot, courses on creativity, courses on blogging, courses on making money with blogging, courses on how to make podcasts, courses on editing, courses on publishing, courses on how to market your book, and, to my surprise, courses on making courses.

Of course, people have begun complaining about how useless a lot of these courses are, how bad they are designed, and how much money they have thrown away to do these courses.




Being a teacher myself (albeit a blue Monday), I can tell you that teaching is no easy thing. It takes skill and knowledge to be able to actually make somebody else understand, retain, and able to use new information properly. There is a reason that there are university courses for making people able to do this and only people who have graduated in these courses are able to teach our children. So why would you pay huge amounts of money for a course that Willy Nilly is offering you?

I’d say, stick with the tried and tested establishments or teach yourself, using all the information that is available for free on the world wide web.

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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