Copyright infringment!

How I feel when I find my work illegally available for free…

Through my dear friends at #FARG it came to my attention that my second novel, Succedaneum – Raising A Vampire, was available as a free download on an obscure pirate website. I was furious!

I entered my first novel into the KDP Select program and had a free promo day last week. It is a common strategy to make your first novel available for free, so people get hooked an buy your sequels. Hence my second novel has never been available for free. These pirates must have bought it, converted it into a PDF and are now handing it out for free. WHY?

First of all my book is copyrighted, to offer it to anybody without my permission is an infringement of the law. Secondly, why would they want to rob me of my income? I worked hard to make this book happen. It cost me time and money, lots of it, to make something beautiful that brings enjoyment to others. Why do they want to punish me for this?

I saw this entry on the internet the other day about people paying just under £5 for a coffee that is made within minutes and then tipping the barista as well. These same people are complaining that a book, a work that somebody has sweated over for months if not years, something that will give them hours of reading pleasure, is too expensive at £0.99! This is just wrong! Why do people value books so little nowadays? True, indie books can be dodgy with bad storylines and atrocious grammar that make you cringe with every spelling mistake. But there are those of us who have pride in their work and have our work edited and proofread professionally, which costs lots of money… not to mention the time we spend on it…

Illegally downloading a book for free is like a kick in the nuts for an author. Some argue that it is a form of publicity. How else are people going to notice that you exist and have written a book? Lots of people have favourite authors because they were lent a book, they didn’t buy the first one. There is something to say for this. To find my book available on this website was a bit of a pat on the shoulder. Apparently they thought that people were interested in my books. I have no idea how many people have actually clicked on the ‘download’ button. I have no idea how much money I could have retrieved to cover my costs if these people would have bought my book. I only know how many books I still need to sell to have this happen and, according to the current indie book stats from Amazon, this is very unlikely to be in the near future…

If you truly want to support good writers, please please, pretty please, BUY their books!

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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