Meet the Author… Georgia C Mathers

Read my interview with paranormal, Australian author Georgia Carter Mathers.

Love will find you!

Kate tried to hide. She tried to run. Love still found her when she bumped into the handsome sucker called Caleb. But an apocalypse is not a good time to fall in love…

Does he really love her?

Kate moves heaven on earth to find Caleb after he mysteriously disappears. When she finally finds him, he sends out mixed messages. Does he love her… or not?

Who do you love?

Did you go for the sexy stranger or the not so sexy friend? Kate has to make a choice. Find out whom she chooses in ‘Living Like A Vampire.’

Kate wasn’t looking for love…

Looking for love? Kate wasn’t looking for love, but she found it anyway… Kate wasn’t looking for love. She was running for her life. One accidental meeting with a sucker, and she’s head over heels with him. Is this her one true love? Read Leonard Tillerman’s five-star review of Living Like A Vampire to convince […]

Back to school

There’s a vampire pandemic… and Kate decides to go back to school!

SALE of the Suckers Trilogy!

SALE! All my novels in the Suckers Trilogy are on sale for 99c/99p during October! (eBooks only)

Meet the Author… Jodi Ann Fahey

Meet the Author… Jodi Ann Fahey, author of the Casey Blane paranormal, romantic, adventure series.

What To Read? Cursed: Ruadh’s Story

What To Read? Cursed: Ruadh’s Story, by Troy A. Hill. A little gem of a shifter’s story!

Meet The Author… Vanessa Ravel

Meet The Author… Vanessa Ravel; not your average next door neighbor and author of the dark fantasy novel ‘Four O’Clock Alice.’

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