Eat, Sleep, Write, Repeat – The Comma, Part 3

Learn where to put that crucial comma in my third and last lesson on commas. This time we focus on quotes, titles, and numbers.

Another Short Story – Darlene’s Delectable Dishes

Read this fun piece I wrote for Meldrum Writers’ Club in which we had to use alliteration using the key words macaroni, spaghetti, salmon, plate, and hunger.

Eat, Sleep, Write, Repeat – The Independent and Dependent Clauses

Find out about dependent and independent clauses from one of my old blog posts.

Lessons Learned #34

That crucial comma,

Lessons Learned #31

Ergonomics for writing

Lessons Learned #30

Let’s write about sex

Lessons Learned #29

UK English vs US English

Lessons Learned #28

Let’s look at body language…

Lessons Learned #27

I’m sorry, but I have not ‘learned’ much this week as I have been very busy on my re-write (following Jim Rohn’s suggestion 🙂 ). The odd bits and bobs that I did find remarkable are the following: I write best in the morning. My evening writes are almost always corrected the next day I can write […]

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