Books by Jacky D.

The Suckers Trilogy

Releasing A Vampire

A novella detailing how the Succedaneum virus gets released into the world and what Kate, the protagonist of the Suckers Trilogy, is doing at the time.

Living Like A Vampire

A fast-paced paranormal romance during a virus-induced vampire apocalypse. Kate needs to chose whom she loves: the handsome sucker or the colleague.

Raising A Vampire

This is an emotional roller-coaster! Kate tries to keep her sucker-daughter from falling from the wrong guy, but this is hard being wooed by an ex-lover herself.

Killing A Vampire

A paranormal whodunnit where Kate’s partner goes missing.  The police want to but can’t help. Will Kate be able to get him back in time… and in one piece?

Other Books by Jacky Dahlhaus

Short_Shockers eBook Cover V4

Short Shockers

A short story bundle containing twenty one-thousand-words stories with a twist at the end. 

Twisted50 Vol.2

Twisted50 Volume 2

A horror anthology, containing fifty short horror stories, including one from Jacky Dahlhaus.