The Suckers Trilogy

Prequel – Releasing A Vampire

Find out in the prequel of the Suckers Trilogy how the Succedaneum virus was released into the world. What was Kate doing at the time? How did she experience the world falling apart?

Releasing A Vampire is currently available on Amazon.

Book 1 – Living Like A Vampire

It is 2004 and Kate adores her new life and career as a science teacher in Bullsbrook, a country town in Maine (US). When a dangerous virus breaks out that changes humans to have vampire-like habits (and are hence called ‘suckers’), Kate and her friends flee to a campground to hide from the pandemic. They thought they were safe there.

Then things go wrong. Very wrong.

Kate is thrown into emotional turmoil, action, and suspense. To top it all off, she falls in love with one of the suckers.

Will love win her over to the dark side?

Living Like A Vampire is a story about friendship and finding true love. It is currently available on Amazon.

Book 2 – Raising A Vampire

Ten years after the global virus outbreak during Black October 2004, the world has overcome the devastation and all seems to be back to normal. Kate and her little family are living a happy life in Bullsbrook, where nobody knows the secret she’s hiding about her daughter’s true identity.

Until one morning, when Kate invites a colleague into her home for a cup of coffee and things get out of hand.

Where are they taken? What will happen to them? Will they ever be free to lead a normal life?

Raising A Vampire is out now on AmazonAmazon!

Book 3 – Killing A Vampire

One day Kate’s partner doesn’t come home. Why not? Where could he be? What is going on? Who is behind his disappearance?

‘Killing A Vampire’ is in the process of creation.

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