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A full description of my books, including a personal account of how the book came about, can be found in the drop-down list of the Book Store menu (above).

Here, on this page, you can shop for my eBooks from me directly. All books are available on Amazon and KOBO, but as you may know, these retailers take a large cut off the price. When you buy directly from me, I’m able to cut out the middleman. This means I can earn more, AND give you a  great discount. It’s a win-win situation!

You’ll need to have the BookFunnel app (downloadable for free from the Google Play Store) to receive my eBooks.


Use the coupon code of 15OFF at the checkout to receive a whopping 15% discount.
Unfortunately, the coupon code doesn’t work on sale items or any books already priced as incredibly low as $0.99.

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