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Charlie meets Sasha

Guess what I have for you?! A never shown before piece of writing in which one of my favorite characters from Book 1 and 2 of my Suckers Trilogy, Charlie, meets Sasha, a character from Book 1 and who will also be featuring in Book 3. Isn’t that exciting? I was asked for this guest blog by Cynthia A. Morgan and you can find the text (about 1000 words) I wrote on her blog ‘Booknvolume’ here. Go check it out! The meeting happens before the virus outbreak and Charlie is still a silversmith. It gives you more background about villainous Sasha and the reason she does what she does. I hope you like it.

Discover Cynthia Morgan

Cynthia_A._Morgan.jpgWhile you’re there, why not check out some of Ms. Morgan’s poetry. She is a wonderful writer with an eloquence in word choice that you don’t come across often. On her new website, All Things (Dark) Fey, you can find out more about her books of the Dark Fey Trilogy. Her first book, The Reviled, has received the 5 Star Review by Readers Favorite and the 2016 New Apple Literary Agency’s Fantasy Book Award for Excellence. the sequel, Standing in Shadows, also has received the 5 Star Review by Readers Favorite. If that doesn’t tell you her books are a must-read, I don’t know what does. They are an epic story about the mystical realm of Jyndari, where Light Loving and Darkness Revering Faeriekind, or Fey, exist. Book 3 is on its way and will be out soon.

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You can find The Reviled here and Standing in Shadows here.

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