Meet the Author… Laura Daleo

Meet the Author… Laura Daleo I haven’t met Laura Daleo, but I like her already. She loves vampires, furry creatures, and even has been so

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Giveaways! It’s been a while, but I have ‘Releasing A Vampire’ now into BookFunnel promos. This means I can offer you these fantastic giveaways again 🙂 .

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Meet the Author… Hashmi Gor

Meet the Author…Hashmi Gor I was looking for paranormal authors on Instagram and came across Hashmi’s account. I immediately sent her a message and was excited

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Amazon Giveaway: Eraden Tales- Book 1

Amazon Giveaway: Eraden Tales – Book 1 Covered in thick forests, bright rivers and tall mountains of brown or white, the world of Eraden is

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