Finished the first draft of the Prequel!

Woohoo! It actually didn’t take that long to do, I just needed to find the time to sit down and do it. Once I got stuck into the story, my fingers were flying over the keyboard. Honestly, I could have written a whole book on this story. However, it’s going to be my magnet to the trilogy, so I’m not going to make it longer. 12+K Words is a nice teaser, I’d say.

So what happens in the story? It’s the few months before Black October. It starts when the go ahead is given to test the virus which is intended to grow muscle mass in soldiers. Then, of course, it all goes out of hand when the side-effects start to develop.

As the trilogy has flying insects on the cover (two butterflies and a moth, see my web page’s header), I thought it would be nice to have a caterpillar on the cover of this one. What do you think?


Light Up The Night!

I accidentally came across this little video by Peter Dinklage. You must know by now I love Peter Dinklage’s work. I collected some of his movies where he plays a major role, like ‘The Station Agent,’ ‘Death at a Funeral,’ ‘Pete Smalls is Dead,’ and ‘Knights of Badassdom.’ It is a fraction of what he has done, but I love his work in these. Not to mention he plays a major role in my books of course 😀 . The text and video below shows his tenacity for doing what he loves and it is a great example and boost for all who want to achieve their dream.


 The video is about being an actor, but it could just as well apply to being a writer. It gave me the boost not to wait until everything is perfect and advertise my books. I haven’t done this so far as I didn’t think they were perfect yet. They’re close, but there’s always room for improvement 🙂 . Having a chat with another author yesterday evening and hearing how her book got completely changed by her publisher (yes, she’s got one!), I realized that it doesn’t matter my work isn’t perfect. I can advertise it and let people read my work as is. They’ll love it or hate it, but at least they’ll read it. Try and fail, then try again and fail bigger! Reach for the sky and the world is yours 🙂

Enjoy the video.

Fun Friday!

Hi everyone, I hope you’re having a fun Friday! I’m sorry for not posting last week, but it was out of my control. I was in London and my laptop didn’t want to connect to the internet. It made me very sad. I really must look into that. I’m so sorry if you were looking forward to the memes. Not to worry though, I’ve got even more for you this week 🙂

Bubble_TeaWhy was I in London last week? Because I had to accompany our Australian visitor (who is a minor) to Heathrow airport. He can fly around the world on his own, but not from one to another airport in the UK. Don’t ask me why. I didn’t mind as I really wanted to see The Great Wave exhibition in the British Museum that I didn’t get to see last time. Unfortunately, nobody told me you had to buy tickets in advance and by the time I got to the museum, they were sold out for the time I was able to attend. I consoled myself with the notion that I now probably have to go to Japan to see it and got myself a bubble tea from Coco which was very nice.

What else am I happy about today? Well, as I told you on Wednesday, I signed a provisional contract with Create50 for two of my horror stories to be included in their Twisted50 anthology Vol.2 or Vol.3. As there are 182 entries and 50 winners, the chance is pretty big at least one of my stories gets chosen. I don’t want to jump ahead of myself though, so I still need you to keep your fingers crossed for me!


Writing wise, things have been going slow. My cover, which I promised myself would be ready this week, isn’t ready yet. I finished drawing the blood drips last Tuesday, but they needed to be made to look 3D. As my daughter is hugging the drawing tablet, it was her job. Either she did it in one morning, or I get the tablet for two days. Nothing wrong with some emotional blackmail 🙂 . You must know my daughter is an avid DeviantArt artist and can’t live without her tablet. This is the result she just sent me. I hope you find it was worth the wait. I love it! Please be aware they are copyrighted!

I have been adding some more followers on Twitter this morning and will be upgrading my ads for Book 1 this afternoon. While I was in London, I added some more text to my prequel but ran into an obstacle. I have two stories running parallel; one of Kate, one of how the virus got into the world. I ran out of text for Kate, but have more text to write about the virus (heaven knows I could have written a whole new book on that 😀 ). I still need to think on that one.

But enough of my babbling. Here are the memes you so have been waiting for 🙂



Fingers crossed!

I just provisionally signed the rights away for two of my stories, ‘Vampires Anonymous’ and ‘Rumour has it…,’ to #Create50! They will have the rights to publish for two years should they pick my story/stories from the one hundred and eighty-two shortlisted entries as one of the fifty winners for inclusion in their anthology, Twisted50 Vol.2. They have so many stories to chose from, they may even include them in a Vol.3. So fingers crossed!



Book Review: ‘Games People Play’ by Owen Mullen


If you’re expecting an American-style, fast-paced, action-packed story, you’ve got the wrong book. Owen Mullen’s ‘Games People Play’ is a typical Tartan Noir, with private investigator Charlie Cameron as the protagonist. We see the world through his eyes and it’s not a pretty one. Charlie struggles with a loss of his own and, as he tries to find missing persons for other people, as you delve deeper into the mind of Charlie, you find out who his missing person is.

Mullen has described some excellent vivid characters, very believable and endearing. As Charlie tries to make sense of life and help others to find their loved ones, you can feel the pain and desperation Charlie is feeling as he is fighting his own demons. Life is not an exciting rollercoaster all the time and the life of a private investigator is not always as rosy as it may seem.

If you’re not from Glasgow, it’s still easy to follow Mullen’s descriptions and find yourself immersed in the scene. Throughout the story, several plot lines are followed. This may distract from the original story line of the disappearance of the little girl, which never leaves the mind of Charlie and ultimately comes back to the foreground, but they give you an excellent insight into Charlie’s character and sets the scene perfectly for the continuation of the series.

I enjoyed reading Mullen’s book and will be looking forward to the next one.

You can find Owen Mullen’s book ‘Games People Play’ here.

Fun Friday!

And have we got some news for you! First of all, there was the ‘Meet the Authors‘ from Bloodhound Books on Saturday evening in London. I didn’t travel to London for that reason, but I couldn’t resist going while I was there. It was great to meet the persons behind the Facebook avatars. I talked to David Evans, Eva Jordan, David Videcette, saw Rob Sinclair, Ross Greenwood, Malcolm Hollindrake, Peter Best, and many more. I wished I had more time to talk to them all, but it’ll have to be another time.

I spent the next few days in London and picked up my kids’ friend from Australia. They thought we were going to pick up Nana from the airport, so it was a big surprise when their friend suddenly stood in front of them 🙂 . They’re never going to trust me again… The weather was gorgeous down south (see my photo of The Shard below), but we had to travel back to drizzly Aberdeenshire again on Wednesday.


Yesterday I read the great news that two of my short stories have made it to the shortlist of Twisted50 Vol.2. I am so excited about this! Fingers crossed they will find one good enough to become a finalist.


I’m afraid I haven’t got a lot of memes for you this week, but they’re nice ones. Enjoy!

Twisted50 Vol.2 Update

Woohoo! Two of my short stories have been shortlisted for the Twisted50 Vol.2 competition! Twisted 50 is an anthology horror book series written by the most terrifying new voices in horror. If you like your horror dark, you will LOVE Twisted50. My stories that made the shortlist are ‘Vampires Anonymous‘ and ‘Rumour has it…

If you don’t believe me, check it out on the Twisted50 Vol.2 website here!

They have given shortlisted authors time to tweak their stories and, if correct, they will tell us the final outcome in about a month’s time. Keep your fingers crossed for me 🙂 .

I was going to share the preview they have on their website, but some of you may not be twisted enough for this. Have a look on their website… if you dare 😀



Something a friend of mine said the other day reminded me of a song from the eighties. It took me a while to find it as I couldn’t remember the title of the song nor who sang it, but I found it through perseverence 🙂 .

Check out this YouTube site for the music and this website where you can read the song lyrics.

It’s all about… words!

Fun Friday!

Hiya everybody! I hope you had a great week and are looking forward to the holidays. My kids are as today is their last day of school. I have been so terribly busy this last week. Sometimes I didn’t know where to start, I had so much to do. Didn’t finish anything I wanted, but I’m getting there. I read a great advice to beat procrastination somewhere. It said to use the five-second rule. If you think of doing something, you have five seconds to decide to do it or not. I’m amazed it worked so far! Try it yourself and be amazed at how much you can get done.

I’m very happy to say this week I met some great people online and even made a new friend (you know who you are, Funny Girl 😀 ). The internet is a wonderful thing. Where would we be without it?

So what have I been so busy with? I’ve been working on my cover these last few days. It was a fight with my daughter over the drawing tablet, and after having it for two days, I’ve given in and she’s got it again. Back to mouse drawings 🙁 . I’ve wanted to work on my prequel, but I’m afraid I haven’t had time for that at all. I really need to make time, otherwise I’ll never get it done. I have been working on my website a bit. Do you like my new header? Been helping others with their website too. I love doing that kind of stuff and I wished I had more hours in a day.

I also did my back in again and got myself a better chair. Still not used to it yet. I’m feeling a lot better now though and can move about like before. Yay!

I”m keeping this short as I have a lot to do. Lots of memes this week for you though 🙂 .

Discover Cynthia A. Morgan

Charlie meets Sasha

Guess what I have for you?! A never shown before piece of writing in which one of my favorite characters from Book 1 and 2 of my Suckers Trilogy, Charlie, meets Sasha, a character from Book 1 and who will also be featuring in Book 3. Isn’t that exciting? I was asked for this guest blog by Cynthia A. Morgan and you can find the text (about 1000 words) I wrote on her blog ‘Booknvolume’ here. Go check it out! The meeting happens before the virus outbreak and Charlie is still a silversmith. It gives you more background about villainous Sasha and the reason she does what she does. I hope you like it.

Discover Cynthia Morgan

Cynthia_A._Morgan.jpgWhile you’re there, why not check out some of Ms. Morgan’s poetry. She is a wonderful writer with an eloquence in word choice that you don’t come across often. On her new website, All Things (Dark) Fey, you can find out more about her books of the Dark Fey Trilogy. Her first book, The Reviled, has received the 5 Star Review by Readers Favorite and the 2016 New Apple Literary Agency’s Fantasy Book Award for Excellence. the sequel, Standing in Shadows, also has received the 5 Star Review by Readers Favorite. If that doesn’t tell you her books are a must-read, I don’t know what does. They are an epic story about the mystical realm of Jyndari, where Light Loving and Darkness Revering Faeriekind, or Fey, exist. Book 3 is on its way and will be out soon.

The Fey.jpg

You can find The Reviled here and Standing in Shadows here.

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