And… Action!

First shoot of our Film Club done!

Yes, I really said that! Multiple times :). I wrote in an earlier blog that I started a film club and last Saturday we actually were filming our first short movie. It was so much fun!

We were only with the five of us. Well, that is after three hours, when the actor finally showed up. They’re always the same :).  So we had a cinematographer (with a very professional camera), a sound technician (who sat in the hallway with his earphones on most of the time and who will also compose the background music), the actor (who had never acted before), the prop manager (who also operated the colour board and the clapper) and myself, who wrote the script, did the make-up and the directing. And I loved it! We have a great team who work and get on really well together.

Being a writer is one thing, but seeing something you wrote coming to life in a movie is quite another. To be honest, I didn’t write the original work. I used a poem written by a Dutch writer. But I interpret it, added some background to the main character and had my vision realised. Awesome!!!

We started small. In this production we used one actor, one location and no dialogue. Our next production will be one location, two actors, with dialogue. Keep it simple. We learned a lot doing our first shoot. Continuity being a major issue (note to self; never film with a clock in the background!). But, after doing the footage editing last night, I also learned that as a director I need to take more time between saying ‘rolling’ and ‘action.’ I also need to make sure in advance what shots I have in mind. Being globe trotting before the shoot didn’t help and I was rather unprepared in this respect. I now realise that you really need to have thought about every… single… take… Making a story board would help I guess.

I’ll let you know when we’re up on YouTube!

Author: Jacky Dahlhaus

Paranormal Romance Author

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