A Book Review: Graveyard Rose, by Ginny Clyde

A Book Review: Graveyard Rose, by Ginny Clyde

4/5 stars


I was part of Ms Clyde’s launch team, but unfortunately I am such a slow reader that I’m sorry to say I’m a bit late for the launch now. But as I finally finished the book I am happy to give my review.

Lenara is a young woman without a mother who has to find out about love and life on her own. Her father provides her a comfortable life, but this doesn’t take away any of the perils that Lenara must face, particularly those she has to face when getting the medication that her ill sister so desperately needs from the dark forest. It gives for an exciting story.

I found that Ms Clyde has a nice way of storytelling. It draws you in and you feel like you are there. Graveyard Rose is a pleasant read with vivid descriptions and likeable (and not so likable) characters. It is great to see another book with a female character who stands up for what she believes and wants in life and it’s a good read for any teenaged girl.

Graveyard Rose is the first in the series of The Rose Chronicles and the end of the book leaves you wanting to find out what happens next as this is definitely not the end of the story. The second and third book in the series are already out on Amazon.

You can find The Rose Chronicles here.


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